A specialist conference looking at how social media is and can be used in online recruitment is to take place in London in April.

The Social Media in Recruitment Conference will host some of the UK and Europe’s top recruitment organisations and provide a forum for the sharing of social media knowledge and results.

This year’s conference, being held at central London’s Congress Centre on Thursday, 7 April, is the third time it has taken place. Organiser, Mike Taylor, said there had been a marked progression in the nature of the conferences over the two years since the first conference, as social media has become more and more important to online recruitment.

He explained that the 2009 event entailed basically educating delegates on how social media could benefit recruitment, while the 2010 event contained many case studies from people who had been in the audience in the previous year.

“That really was a turning point for the use of social media in recruitment as it clearly showed what results could be achieved in a short time from following advice and taking action,” Mr Taylor said.

“With the third Conference set to include even more case studies and success examples there is something in the programme for everyone, whether they are just getting started or looking to increase their previous knowledge.”

Seminar topics at the conference will include ‘Using Social Media to Raise Your Employer Image and Build A Talent Pipeline’ and ‘Gaining a competitive advantage through Internet Sourcing’.

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