At a time when the latest data has shown falling job numbers, both in the temporary and permanent sectors, workers and recruitment agencies could do with a little positive news. Now, the Scottish government has said that they are investing a further £5m into the rollout of rural broadband, offering the hope that a large number of engineering and IT jobs will be created as a result.

In city and town environments, access to broadband is often taken for granted. Here, a variety of providers offer internet connections at high speed, allowing for both companies and residents to take advantage of the modern technology; however, for those living and working in rural regions, access to broadband can be sparse at best. This stifles the local economy and creates a huge hurdle for businesses to try and get past if they want to compete with their urban counterparts.

Now, the infrastructure secretary, Alex Neil, has said that more rural broadband needs to be implemented, saying: “Broadband should not be considered a luxury in rural areas. It is essential to enhance the quality of life and stimulate local economies.”

The news will be very welcomed by those who are currently looking for employment. The investment of £5m means that a large number of jobs are likely to be created as providers roll out broadband into remote and isolated areas. For workers needing jobs and recruitment agencies wanting to place staff, the latest investment news is very positive.

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