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REC Says Permanent Job Decline Shows Stabilisation

There have been many concerns of late, especially from recruitment agencies and unemployed workers, that the numbers of permanent jobs available have been falling. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), however, has said that a few optimistic signs are now to be seen, with the rate of dropping staff placement figures beginning to slow.

Revealing their latest findings, the KPMG and REC said that though the number of permanent vacancies continued to fall during August, they did so at a slower rate than before. The fall in staff placements was negligible compared to previous months, and for the past quarter showed the weakest decline.

KPMG Management Consultant’s head of business services, Bernard Brown, said: “It would be easy to suggest that an upward curve in the jobs market is nothing more than a blip. But the truth is that, in some parts of the country, we are actually seeing a growth in the number of companies recruiting and where there is a decline it is now virtually insignificant.” He added that Britain could be seeing the first signs of a major recovery in the job sector, offering hope for thousands of people who are out of work.

The news will be welcomed by recruitment agencies and unemployed individuals alike, both of whom have been struggling over the past few months to find prospective jobs. With the number of permanent jobs being created showing increases and resulting in a slower decline of overall positions, many workers will be optimistic for fresh opportunities in coming weeks.

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