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Monster Index Shows Growing Online Recruitment

The latest Monster Employment Index has indicated that recruitment agencies can expect to see increased business online. After May saw a 6% rise for internet recruiting, levels for June increased by another 1%. 

Releasing the latest figures for its index, Monster revealed that online recruitment was growing fastest in Germany, with the nation leading annual growth with 11%; however, this had fallen from May 2011’s 19% growth, whilst the UK showed no growth at all in its internet recruitment activities.

Elsewhere, the index also reported on leading industries, showing that craft and related trades had noted a 4% increase in growth. Associate professionals and technicians saw a demand growth of 3%, whilst machine operators, assemblers and plant technicians also saw a slight rise in demand with 1% growth. The telecommunications industry, as well as those working in architecture, urbanism and the environment, also saw substantial gains, with 13% and 17% respectively.

In sharp contrasts, recruitment agencies are likely to see falls in demand for managers, skilled agricultural workers and elementary positions, with falls of 5%, 8% and 3% respectively.

Keeping an eye on employment trends is vital for recruiters, allowing individuals to know where the peaks and troughs are being noted so that they can place staff in the right areas. Although online recruitment continues to climb, it will be increasingly important to make the right company and employee connections over the next few months for maximum performance.


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