Technology and sales recruitment are to be the focus of a new UK staffing drive by Chinese technology firm, Huawei.

The company is looking to set up a new digital innovation centre in Britain, as it aims to capture a slice of the lucrative smartphone market. Victor Zhang, the chief executive of Huawei Technologies UK, said that the new roles will include research, sales and marketing and customer service positions.

“For our customer service people, we will be specifically looking for people with an engineering and technology background that can communicate well with our customers and give them a good experience,” he explained.

“We will be working on getting a better service experience from phones. So, making your calls clearer and connecting to networks better. We are also looking at lowering the power consumption in home ADSL modems by using our new chipset.”

The new recruits will bring the British headcount up to 1,000. The company is hoping to further develop its already close links with a number of British universities to try to find the best candidates for the jobs, who will make long-term commitments to the company. Already this year, eight undergraduates have undergone extensive training in China, to gain the language, technical and internal skills desired by the company.

Geoff Newman from recruiter believes these types of jobs are great news for the UK economy.

“The UK will never be able to compete with Chinese production costs. Whilst manufacturing may return to the UK predominantly robots will replace labour. Hence it is important the UK positions itself as intelligence-capital of the World, a place where creativity and innovation are championed. Huawei’s decision to recruit these staff is closely aligned with these objectives.”

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