This is an extract from our full guide ‘Save Time and Make Better Decisions Using Video Interviewing’.

Screening applicants is possibly the most time-consuming aspect of recruitment, as you could spend hours with inappropriate candidates. Video interviewing is a far better alternative.

Best of all Recruitment Genius’s exclusive automated video and telephone interviewing is included free of charge.

Why should I video interview?

  • You spend less time organising interviews – candidates can answer your questions any time or place
  • It’s much quicker and more efficient – it’s easy to set-up and you can ask as many questions as you like
  • Bring a candidate “to life”- most people have interviewed a candidate who looks great on paper but was not ideal in person. Video interviewing prevents this
  • Conduct better interviews – when you do meet the candidates face-to-face you’ll already have better insight so you can ask more relevant questions
  • Create better candidate experience – video interviewing is much more convenient for candidates. They don’t have to take time off work, pay for travel and attend interviews they aren’t right for

Plan your questions

Because the same questions are asked at every interview, you should think carefully about what you will ask. There are two main types of question:

1. Closed questions require a “yes” or ”no” answer or request a specific piece of information. They are great for quickly deselecting candidates who give the wrong response.

2. Open questions require a detailed response. They could be generic, competency based or questions that probes past experiences.

Remember the questions should be non-discriminatory, relevant to the job and highlight the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This way you can compare responses easily. To read up on what type of questions get the best answers out of candidates click on our guide ‘Effective Interview Techniques’.

How does it work?

We intelligently invite applicants to answer your questions and give them multiple ways to do so:

1. They can use the webcam on their computer
2. If they have a tablet or mobile device they could use our iOS (Apple), Android or Windows App
3. Or they could use our unique automated telephone interviewing service, where we record their answers. This is a perfect alternative for people without the necessary IT or who don’t feel comfortable being filmed.

Applicants are given simple instructions to follow and an example. They have one chance to answer so their response is genuine.

Review the answers

A daily email will alert you when interviews have been completed and you can review these at any time. You will often find it easier to compare candidate’s answers using video interviewing. The ability to replay answers also ensures you don’t miss any information.

Meet the best candidates face-to-face

Video screening does not replace face-to-face interviews. However, your time will now be spent with the best candidates proving more productive. With this tool you have the chance to probe initial answers for more detailed, in-depth information.

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