It has been revealed by the government’s culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that they are on track to meet targets of providing high speed Internet to 90% of homes in Britain by 2015. Skilled IT contractors and workers continue to be in demand to ensure that the rollout of the high broadband speeds continues as planned, offering the chance for recruitment agencies to find work for IT clients.

Within three years the government wants the majority of households in Britain to be able to access high speed broadband. Whilst funding is still to be found for the remaining 10%, it is hoped that even those in rural and isolated spots will also one day be able to enjoy fast internet speeds.

Speaking of the vital need to ensure fast broadband, Mr Hunt said that the equivalent to 700,00 DVDs worth of data, 2.8 petabytes, had been sent per day during the Olympics, indicating just what the future internet would have to cope with. He added that the Fibre to the Cabinet scheme was vital, saying: “The reason we are backing Fibre to the Cabinet as a potential medium-term solution is simple: the increase in speeds that it allows – 80 Mbps certainly but in certain cases up to one gigabit – will comfortably create Europe’s biggest and most profitable high-speed broadband market.”

For recruitment agencies up and down the country with skilled IT professionals on their books, employment in the broadband sector is likely to continue. With Mr Hunt’s plans of becoming the biggest broadband market in Europe, the industry is set to grow in the years to come.

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