After it was shown by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that unemployment figures dropped in the three months to May, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has championed the information as good news and a positive step for the economy.

The latest statistics showed that in the lead up to May, unemployment fell to 2.58m. The REC’s director of policy, Tom Hadley, said that it showed positive movement for the UK’s employment sector. He also noted that it indicated that the private sector was seemingly able to mop up the losses that are continuously being noted from public sector sources.

Talking of the need for a small amount of caution, Mr Hadley said: “The UK is making gradual progress out of recession and is likely to experience a zigzag pattern with some good months followed by weaker ones – rather than sustained periods of uninterrupted jobs growth”.

Mr Hadley also spoke of the importance for the prevention of unemployment, saying that guidance and support should be offered to jobseekers now, rather than waiting for 12 months. “A cost-effective option for government would be to tap into the expertise that already exists within recruitment agencies all around the UK,” he said, adding that recruiters could be drafted in to help target support in the correct direction.

For recruitment agencies, the drop in unemployment will be welcomed, indicating that the private sector continues to create jobs in which both temporary and permanent workers can be placed.

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