A new EU legislation has come in to force that could potentially have an impact on job sites and recruitment websites.  The new law says that any website that targets a user who resides in an EU country must explicitly ask the users to opt-in to accept cookies being stored on their computer.

Cookies are standard fare on websites today and most users accept that when they surf they will have a certain number of them stored on their PC.  They track the sites that the user visits and let the website that owns the cookie know if the person is logged in to their website or not.

With the new EU legislation, website owners could be liable for a fine of up to £500,000 if they are found to be in breach of the regulations deliberately.  Speaking about the new law, the General Manager for Information and Technology, Chris Windram, said “As with much EU legislation, there are areas of confusion regarding the new law.  Many believe the legislation is ill conceived, with seemingly little consideration given to users that the legislation is meant to protect.  It is also widely reported that the majority of government websites will not be compliant with the legislation by the time it comes in to force.”

Recruitment websites frequently use cookies to remeber searches that have been performed on previous visitis to aid users when they return. Many sites offer limited functionality to users who do not accept cookies and this law could result in many websites having to be upgraded.

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