Online video interviewing is closely aligned with Recruitment Genius’s objectives to deliver quick and cost-effective recruitment. The benefits to employers using our free video interviewing solution to streamline their recruitment process are clear. But have you considered what candidates think? If they don’t like it then the technology is useless. That is why our focus when developing the product was put the candidate first

We naturally studied all similar solutions. Some were good, but unfortunately most we’re ill-conceived rip-offs with little differentiation. Some even had serious usability flaws that prevented candidates taking interviews!

Therefore we chose not to show current products to our usability designers – we didn’t want them to ‘reinvent the wheel’, we wanted a much better alternative. Instead we asked “how can we design the best possible candidate experience?”

Because we asked the right question we got better answers. Combined with candidate focus groups we made six important decisions:

1. Signup was reduced to a six-digit number instead of lengthy complex user names and passwords to minimise physiological friction.

2. All unnecessary buttons we’re removed to aid clarity and reduce distracting candidates from the central task of answering interview questions.

3. Friendly explanation videos reduce candidate anxiety and help them perform to the best of their ability.

4. We set a maximum of five questions because in testing we found diminishing returns as candidates exited the process early.

5. We also restricted the duration of answers to 30 seconds based on feedback from candidates and recruiters who preferred concise responses.

6. But most importantly focus groups and testing showed video interviewing is not always the answer. It’s great for people familiar with technology. However others were naturally apprehensive or simply didn’t have access to a computer. Automated telephone interviewing is the solution to the problem. This is exclusive to Recruitment Genius and very similar to video interviewing albeit we only record their audio response.

The results have been very impressive with a higher number of responses than we could have dreamed of. We also receive an incredibly low number of support requests because the solution is so intuitive – a key indicator we designed the product well.

Currently we’re developing apps for Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft phones so candidates can answer questions anytime, anywhere. We’re also developing an HTML5 recorder that won’t require applicants to download software or apps.

Of course candidates will become accustomed to automated video and telephone screening, but we’ve done everything we can to help speed that along.

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