Recruiters looking to hire staff for the frenetic summer season at Brighton Pier have teamed up with City College Brighton and Hove to launched a new recruitment process.

The pier is looking to capitalise on the abundance of students in the popular south coast city who will be looking for summer work to keep them in money during the holidays, as well as seeking to develop their vocational skills.

Bosses at the Pier hope to be able to hire students studying for a range of vocational qualifications, with skills that will specifically complement and aid the overall entertainment experience at the popular attraction.

The head of human resources at Brighton Pier, Jason Mannix, said that by teaming up with the college’s career service, City Jobs, he knew he could count on finding some well-supported workers with excellent drive and initiative.

“I’ve worked with City College in recent years and I’ve seen the support they give both to students and employers who take their students on,” he said.

“It gives me a confident foundation to work on based on the quality of the training I know they’ll have received from the College and also knowing how that can be further developed at the Pier in a way that will benefit them in their future careers.”

City College representative, Dan Shelley, added, “This is an excellent example of the College working in partnership with a local business to provide a link between job seekers and employers.”

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