Geoff Newman, managing director of the UK’s largest online recruitment company, Recruitment Genius, was recently featured on BBC Radio Kent to discuss the second job market. Some of his insights:

  • Research by Unite has found that 24% of all workers in Scotland have a second job. 90% of those said it was because they needed the extra money to accommodate their lifestyle
  • Many people have to work part-time because there are not many full-time jobs available in this current climate
  • As more companies come out of recession they tend to huge capital investment in machinery. These need to run 24 hours meaning different shift patterns are generated
  • Technology has allowed more outsourcing meaning a rise in the number of remote workers. It has automated so much that there is no longer a requirement for full-time jobs such as bookkeeping or clerical work. As a consequence these roles now fall under the ‘part-time work’ category
  • Employers, particularly those who have recently started their own business, lack the confidence and cash flow to employ people on a full-time basis. As a consequence part-time work is being offered instead
  • Maternity leave also generates more part-time jobs. Many choose to go ‘part-time’ as a lifestyle choice. This creates the concept of job sharing
  • Employers can also recruit staff on zero-hour contracts which many public sector organisations choose to do
  • At Recruitment Genius we have two interim directors who bring a huge breadth of experience to the business. They work a few times a month and add great value to the organisation. They have a portfolio of other assignments to work on and they cherish the variety

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