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The Six Secrets of Effective HR Professionals

HR practitioners, especially during these times of economic hardship, need to be moving away from the service delivery and process…


Inducting Employees

The induction process can be a daunting prospect for both the manager and the employee, with lots to remember from…


Making A Job Offer

This is one of the best parts of the recruitment process, as you are able to give the candidate the…


Effective Reference Checking For Prospective Employees

Reference checking is typically considered time-consuming and ineffective. However this is generally because companies adopt the wrong approach. Recruitment Genius…


Illegal Interview Questions

As an employer there are plenty of questions you are entitled to ask at interview. However, there are many questions…


Effective Interview Techniques

Whilst interview techniques will vary depending on the amount of time you have and the position you are recruiting for,…


What To Do If Recruitment Advertising Fails

It can be all too easy to create a ‘wish list’ of our preferred candidate, but sometimes we simply ask…


Why and how to respond to applicants

Frequently, because of time constraints, applications which end up on the “No” pile don’t hear anything back and are either…


Use video interviewing to save time & make better decisions

Video interviewing is a great screening option that more recruiters should consider. It is easy to set up and you…


How To Conduct Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are really helpful when you need to assess a large pool of applicants and filter them down to…


Shortlisting Candidates for Interview

Whilst short-listing can be a time-consuming process, it is also an exciting moment when you get to meet the potential…


Could Application Forms & Career Portals Actually be Damaging Your Recruitment Campaign Prospects?

Career portals start with the best of intentions – to differentiate you as an employer of choice, underline your employer…

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