More than any other organisation, charities and not-for-profits understand the true value of money, making sure every penny is accounted for and is used to its maximum potential. Therefore it's no surprise that so many appreciate Recruitment Genius’s low cost fixed-price recruitment solution.

We benefit from economies of scale and have harnessed technology to drive down costs that we can offer such incredible value for money. This means that by using Recruitment Genius you are likely to get the best person available for the role you are advertising at the absolute best price.

Charity and not-for-profit organisations requiring skills that are not unique to the sector, such as marketing, retail, and administration, have found it very easy to attract relevant applicants.

The more specialist areas are somewhat more difficult to attract applicants, in part because they are more susceptible to above inflation salary increases.

Unfortunately in today’s modern world people looking online for a job could be looking anywhere. Therefore by advertising on just one or even a few online job sites you might miss out on a significant majority of candidates.

Thankfully you can be confident that by using Recruitment Genius your job will be advertised on all the UK’s job boards. In total we use up to 2,000 job sites, all for one fixed price.

These can include sector specific sites such as BritishCharityJobs.

More importantly, it may include well known national sites with specialist charity and not-for-profit recruitment categories:

  • TotalJobs
  • Jobsite
  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • Fish4Jobs
  • MyJobsGrup
  • Indeed and lots more sites

Advertisements typically last for a full 28 days on every job board and we're the only company that advertises your job on so many sites for so long, giving such great value.

If you have a requirement to advertise on sites not covered in our selection, our media buying team can help. Our buying power means we get improved discounts that you can benefit from.

The details of EVERY applicant that applies via the job sites are immediately available to you in an easy-to-use online dashboard. Everything is in one place to make life simpler and you can share access with colleagues to collaborate and help you identify the best applicants.

We also automatically rank the best applications to save you the hassle of sifting through CVs. This immediately makes your job easier and helps you to quickly find the best talent.

We will care for your applicants to ensure they stay engaged and informed. All applicants automatically receive a “thank you” email. We can also redirect applicants to a career portal or send them your application form.

We also understand the importance of recruiting individuals who can demonstrate an affinity for the charity's cause. Therefore our unique automated video and telephone screening tool is available so you can see and hear candidates answer your questions without meeting them. Simply ask a series of questions once and we will invite all of your candidates to respond, capturing their response for you to review at your convenience. Immediately you will gain powerful insights as to their suitability. Best of all, it is also included free as part of our unique service.

This leaves you to simply interview and hire as many candidates as you like. There is no limit to the number of accountants you may hire from the applications you receive: our fixed fee really is fixed. We charge per recruitment advertising campaign, not per “head”.

Free recruitment guides and webinars about interviewing and hiring are available.

Importantly, all applicants are yours. We do not share your applicants with any other customers. Therefore next time you have a similar vacancy we would encourage you to revisit past applications before re-advertising.

We only charge £199 and discounts are available for multiple purchases.

There are no hidden catches or costs. You will never pay any agency fees, placement fees or percentage fees. There are no job board advertising costs, setup fees, or recurring monthly fees. There are also no charges for using our online dashboard, which you can access forever, free of charge.

We can only offer this amazing value because we are the UK’s largest online recruitment company. Our 8,800+ customers give us combined buying power that everyone benefits from. Additionally, our incredibly high levels of repeat business and recommendations help us keep these prices low.

Using Recruitment Genius is often cheaper than going direct to just one online job site; plus, with our service:

  • You get the essential benefit of more recruitment advertising for longer
  • We automatically rank the best applications to save you the hassle
  • You can see and hear candidates answer your questions without meeting them
  • We will take care of your applicants, sending them “thank you” emails, redirecting them to career portals or sending them your application forms
  • You can manage your applicants with ease, and share information with your colleagues
  • here is no limit to the number of people you may hire from the applications you receive

With donations and funding sources drying up, and the government making ever more cut backs, there has never been a better time to use Recruitment Genius.

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