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  • - one month ago
    Carole Sansom - First Care DCA Ltd

    Great site for all round advertising. Excellent customer service

    - one month ago
    James Addison - Discovery Design

    We've used Recruitment Genius on a few occasions and their service is amazing. Their platform is well ahead of any other platform we have tried on the market and that reflects in the results. I would definitely recommend giving this service a try, as I feel it's one of the only online solutions which truly replaces recruitment agencies.

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Lorraine Gray
Operations Director, Pursuit Marketing

“We love that Recruitment Genius has a great pool of candidates... for a fixed cost.”

Lorraine's story
Recruitment Genius has helped the company simplify its recruitment process and support its growth targets. The synergy between the simple, fixed-cost service that Recruitment Genius offers and the services offered by Pursuit Marketing was a defining feature for the company.

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Mylo Kane, Dreamr
"They just seem to be able to find the right people and I think the right people use the service too"

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Andrew Seaton, Resolve
"Recruitment Genius has proven to be a fast, easy-to-use, effective recruitment method and has helped us to find the type of employee we are looking for"

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Johnny Yip, Zen Hair UK
"From the first time I used Recruitment Genius I loved the convenience of it and thought they presented themselves very well"

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Rob Peters, HGV Express
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Lauren Rowe, New Care
"The majority of the applicants from Recruitment Genius are relevant applicants we would like to interview. It reaches out to the people that we wish to attract"

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Lorraine Gray, Pursuit Marketing
"We love that Recruitment Genius has a great pool of candidates, talent that has full visibility of our employment opportunities for a fixed cost"

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