Written by Geoff Newman

Geoff Newman was the pioneer of the online recruitment agency and has enjoyed a successful career within the recruitment industry. He is a thought-leader within the resourcing industry with several articles published in the Financial Times, BBC, Personnel Today etc. Not afraid to challenge convention with a much better alternative, his unique perspective and innovative solutions are now common industry practice.

Guide: Shortlisting Candidates for Interview

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to review CVs for potential candidates
  • Quick ways to dismiss unprofessional CVs
  • How to shortlist candidates for interview
  • The legal requirements and best practices of shortlisting

How to choose candidates

Finding the right candidate for a role can be hard, particularly if you receive a lot of submissions.

This guide will provide you with tips on reviewing job applications and finding suitable candidates, as well as simple ways to eliminate unprofessional CVs.

How to shortlist candidates for interview

From identifying key skills and awarding points, to sorting potential candidates into priority piles, we’ll outline the five simple steps to shortlisting candidates for interview.

Shortlisting best practice

When you’re shortlisting candidates, it’s important to ensure you follow best practices to protect your business’ reputation.

This guide will outline the legal requirements associated with shortlisting to ensure your company is recognised as a moral employer.

Although some businesses keep the shortlisting process in house, others prefer to allow companies, like Recruitment Genius, to tackle it for them. If you're interested in finding out how we could help your company, contact us now for more on our services.

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