Written by Geoff Newman

Geoff Newman was the pioneer of the online recruitment agency and has enjoyed a successful career within the recruitment industry. He is a thought-leader within the resourcing industry with several articles published in the Financial Times, BBC, Personnel Today etc. Not afraid to challenge convention with a much better alternative, his unique perspective and innovative solutions are now common industry practice.

Making A Job Offer

Making a job offer is one of the best steps of the recruitment process, but it’s also a critical one that aims to set the tone for a great future working relationship; it can also sometimes go wrong, however, resulting in a candidate rejecting an offer.

Instantly download this guide to understand:

  • How to make the offer.
  • Why you should make a conditional offer.
  • What you need to confirm in writing and other legal responsibilities.


Ultimately following this advice should ensure that when you make a job offer, your chosen candidate accepts and you get-off to a flying start.

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