Written by Geoff Newman

Geoff Newman was the pioneer of the online recruitment agency and has enjoyed a successful career within the recruitment industry. He is a thought-leader within the resourcing industry with several articles published in the Financial Times, BBC, Personnel Today etc. Not afraid to challenge convention with a much better alternative, his unique perspective and innovative solutions are now common industry practice.

How To Conduct Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews provide a low cost, quick and effective way of screening candidates. This exclusive 3-page guide has been written by a selection of HR professionals to ensure you have productive conversations.

You’ll quickly learn:

  • When a telephone interview is appropriate.
  • How to arrange, prepare and plan a telephone interview.
  • How to maintain an efficient system of record keeping.
  • What questions you should ask.
  • How to effectively wrap up a conversation … plus lots more great advice.

Download your copy now and ensure that the next time you invite someone in for a face-to-face interview, you are not wasting your time.

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