Written by Geoff Newman

Geoff Newman was the pioneer of the online recruitment agency and has enjoyed a successful career within the recruitment industry. He is a thought-leader within the resourcing industry with several articles published in the Financial Times, BBC, Personnel Today etc. Not afraid to challenge convention with a much better alternative, his unique perspective and innovative solutions are now common industry practice.

Guide: Choosing the Best Online Job Boards

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the best job boards for your business
  • Tips on advertising
  • The limitations of using job boards
  • How to negotiate costs

How do job boards work?

If you decide to use a job board, it’s important to remember that the main purpose of them is to sell space for job advertisements, not to fill roles.

With this in mind, our guide will teach you how to avoid applying ‘company logic’ to your advertisements, and focus instead on ‘applicant knowledge’.

Where to find job boards

We’ll outline how to find the best online job boards for your business and how to research what each site could do for you.

How much do job boards cost?

The costs associated with job boards can vary significantly. This guide will look at why spending a little more could benefit your business more in the long run than opting for a free solution.

Job boards often provide extra services too, including email alerts, featured adverts and CV searches, so it’s important you find out whether these come at an extra cost.

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