Video Key To Capturing Interest Of Passive Job Seekers

The use of video in online recruitment methods is could be a compelling means of gaining the interest of passive jobs seekers, according to a leading communications authority.

Andrew Wilkinson, from communications business, TMP Worldwide, said that the use of video in both targeted job adverts and general marketing materials is one of the most effective ways of making a brand even more vibrant. 

"People are seeing video more and more as a powerful tool to change perceptions," explained Wilkinson, who added that it is more powerful and more engaging than simple adverts, which do not catch the eye of people who may not be actively looking for a new job.

"You can deliver display advertising and drive them to the website," Wilkinson said, "But where you’re trying to dislodge or shift perceptions of individuals out there or get passive jobseekers to become active, then you need to do something that is going to unlock that inactivity, which isn’t going to be something that is two dimensional."

Recent figures on online video consumption from UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM)/Nielsen Video Census, showed that some 26 million people in the UK watched 2.3 billion videos for a total of 6.4 billion minutes in July 2011 alone. 

Geoff Newman, chief executive of online recruitment agency believes the trend in using videos for recruitment is bound to increase.

“Access to faster broadband for video streaming, cheaper cameras and more intuitive video-editing software mean almost anyone can embrace this powerful media. Indeed we have seen a number of excellent examples where companies have creatively shown why they are an employer of choice.”

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