Video in Recruitment Playing An Important Part in Online Recruitment

The role of web-casting and online videos is set to play a growing role in online recruitment in coming years, as the number of enquiries about Internet broadcasting technology continues to rise. 

Businesses are turning to online video as a means of carrying out fast and efficient communications with potential candidates and also as an ecologically-conscious way of cutting down on the paper and resources used in conventional recruitment. The candidates themselves are also turning to the technology to help them get ahead, with more and more creating video CVs to allow employers to get an accurate gauge on them from the outset. 

The online video and streaming solutions provider, StreamUK, released figures last week showing that they had seen a 50 per cent rise in the number of enquiries they had received about web-casting facilities over the past six months. 

The company's chief executive, Duncan Burbridge, said that response to their development of new technology - particularly their Stream Connect broadcasting platform - had been extremely strong. 

"I think the environmental and financial rewards are fundamental, but it also creates positive connotations for a company proving that not only do they take corporate communications seriously, but they’re also able to adapt with modern technology," he said. 

Geoff Newman from flat fee recruitment agency believes video in recruitment can be useful in the right context.

"For creative industries such as marketing, music and design a video CV can be an excellent way of differentiating yourself whilst demonstrating your creativity. However video CVs are not right for everyone and external factors such as lighting, background and noises may distract the user from your message. Importantly there does not seem to be a great demand from employers wishing to view videos that are more difficult to skim than a traditional CV.

The most promising use of video in recruitment so far is asking canned interview questions to pre-qualify candidates by comapnies such as A replacement for the telephone interview, it can save a lot of time wasted asking the same questions and stop unnecessary meetings."

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