UK Manufacturing Recruitment Picking Up

Recruitment in the British manufacturing sector is picking up, according a leading expert in the field, who credited new projects from major names including Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover with boosting the market. 

Recruitment executive, John Morris, said that the surge in demand for appropriately skilled manufacturing workers was also making it a candidate-led market. This means that employers are increasingly willing - or are left with no choice - to offer premium salaries for the skills that they need. 

"During the darkest days of the recession, a job was the prize even for the most skilled, and these individuals had to compete fiercely in order to win," said Mr Morris. "Now, they themselves are the prize, and they know it."

Mr Morris said that the biggest threat that manufacturers in the UK are facing, are the increasing wages and attractive recruitment packages being offered by manufacturing employers in Continental Europe. Contractor engineers working in the British automotive industry can earn a significantly higher hourly rate on the Continent, as well as having significant amounts of overtime and flexible working hours. 

He added that long-term skill development is crucial to British manufacturing, with emphasis placed on investing in people and cultivating appropriate graduates and apprentices. 

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