UK Executives Looking To Be Recruited Abroad

Executives in the UK are increasingly taking their talents abroad, as finding a job with some of the most successful firms is getting steadily more and more difficult. 

New figures have shown that over the past year, some 26 per cent of executives who switched jobs chose to move to a different country - a rise of 6 per cent on the 2009 figures. The statistics were found in the third annual Talent Mapping report from international staffing consultants, Experteer.

Analysts from the company have said that the continuing effects of the recession and turbulent economy are responsible for people looking for financial jobs abroad, with the public sector jobs cuts and spending cuts also hastening some people's ventures overseas. 

Geoff Newman from recruitment agency believes this could be a wake up call for the British government.

“The government need to recognise it is imperative we remain internationally competitive to recruit and retain the best talent in the UK. The best talent who will personally contribute more tax revenues, generating growth and jobs. To achieve this we need a simple, transparent and affordable tax system with immigration legislation that allows the best people in.”

The most popular destination for British people looking to be recruited abroad was, perhaps surprisingly, Germany. Non-EU destinations were second most popular - with many people wanting to chase the American dream, or live in the sun in Australia - while France came in third. 

The statistics showed that executives were ideally looking to move to countries that are geographically close, or English speaking, so as not to face a language barrier problem. 

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