Time And Cost Lesser Priorities Of The Recruitment Process

An international survey of recruitment professionals has found that the cost and the time of recruitment processes are considered lesser indicators of the success of a recruitment process than the ultimate performance of a candidate.

The survey, carried out by recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm Futurestep, sought the opinions of nearly 1,600 HR and personnel professional across the world. It found that the performance of a candidate was the most important indicator with 46 per cent of the respondents, and the second most important indicator with a further 21 per cent of the professionals.

The second and third most important indicators were retention prospects and the satisfaction of the line manager, respectively. Only 12 per cent of the respondents said that the cost of the hiring process was their top priority, while just six per cent said that the time of the hiring process was their key factor in determining success. 

Around 62 per cent of the professionals said that they had set measures in place to assess the impact and suitability of new recruits, but 35 per cent of the respondents did admit that the measures assessed the recruits at a point before the time that they were expected to have their greatest impact on the business. 

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