'Text Speak' Can Make Or Break Recruitment Chances

A youth skills charity in Bolton has said that the intrusion of 'text speak' into youngsters' written abilities is putting up recruitment hurdles for them that are proving more and more difficult to knock down. 

Peter Gibson, from the Rathbone charity, said that the lack of formality and the sloppy use of language on CVs and cover letters created by many of the young people they work with prove to be barriers to recruitment with many employers. 

Gibson said good basic written English and communication skills are still of paramount importance when it comes to gaining any job, and being unable to demonstrate these is a major problem. He called on schools and training bodies to do more about it.

"Many young people have received very little guidance on the difference between speaking to their friends and communicating to people they don't know and need to impress," said Gibson, "This isn't an indictment on the young people, but rather the lack of preparation they have received."

Examples of the "sins" he has seen committed by the young people he works with include the use of text speak like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) in common conversation, a lack of formal greetings in written communication, and inappropriate, unprofessional email addresses. 

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