Technology To Drive Adoption Of Mobile Online Recruitment

Online recruitment via mobile devices is likely to surge as technological developments give recruiters and organisations a greater understanding of mobile integration, according to a leading professional in the field of recruitment advertising. 

Mani Patel, a senior online adviser for a recruitment advertising company, said that in-house recruiters and agencies had so far been quite cautious about adopting mobile recruitment solutions. That, he said, is set to change in the imminent future, however, as the momentum of the technology builds. 

He explained, "They will develop a better understanding of mobile integration not just in terms of recruitment but as part of the whole business strategy and linking with social media much more quickly over the next two years as more and more information will be made available through case studies and data."

Figures from a recent survey carried out by Teletext, showed that approximately 17 per cent of people who searched for a job online did so through mobile internet, with four per cent of those people doing so through a specific app. 

Patel said that people were becoming less and less concerned about how information reached them, just that it got to them in a quick and simple manner. 

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