TA Launching Multimedia Recruitment Effort

The Territorial Army (TA) is about to embark on a major multimedia recruitment drive that will take advantage of broadcast, print and online recruitment strategies. 

The campaign, which is being launched on Wednesday 7 March, will be the biggest ever launched by the army reserves, and is aimed at ‘reshaping’ the British Armed forces through the increased use of TA recruits.

A teaser campaign is being launched this week, in the form of a 30-second-long television ad, which will feature a TA soldier on duty stating, “I’m surprised some of you have never heard of us, so we’re doing something to remind you.”

The advert will direct people online, where they will find Facebook and Twitter pages that are counting down to “something big” – the official launch of the campaign on 7 March. The whole campaign will be branded with the slogan “Do More Be More”, which was adopted by the force last August. 

An army spokesman said that they wanted to use all the media available to them to reach out to as many potential recruits as possible.

“In recent years, cutbacks on new equipment, recruitment and training has left the TA in a somewhat stagnant situation,” he explained. “But following the recommendation of the [Future Reserves 2020] Commission to raise the TA strength to 30,000 by 2020, it was clear that rapid action was needed to achieve that goal.” 

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