Survey Shows Growing Prevalence Of Online Recruitment

A new survey of recruitment habits has found that some 47 per cent of companies have turned to online recruitment through corporate websites or online job boards to find new employees.

The survey, carried out by software specialist, Candidate Manager, also found that 14 per cent of companies had taken on staff after searching on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. 

The traditional recruitment methods of networking and advertising in local press, that were once the dominant means of recruitment, are now favoured as the most effective method by just five per cent of the respondents.

Candidate Manager’s Declan Whooley, said that the survey indicated the varying nature of the recruitment market in 2011, and said that the next year is likely to be fascinating.

“It is perhaps not surprising that the most common recruitment objective for 2012 is to streamline the recruitment process,” he said. “It is interesting that our survey found that lower cost per hire was a recruitment objective for half of the respondents, while 53 per cent wanted a faster time to hire.”

A quarter of the business leaders surveyed said it took two months or more to hire a new member of staff, with half stating that their recruitment processes took place over a four-week timescale. 

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