Survey Highlights Importance Of Online Recruitment Networking

The importance of online networking when it comes to the modern recruitment process has been highlighted in a new survey of HR managers and recruiters.

More than 74 per cent of the recruitment professionals surveyed by career management consultancy, Right Management, said that networking - whether online or face-to-face - was an integral part of their work. 

The people surveyed said that LinkedIn was by far the most useful and important of social networks they used to source and research potential candidates, but more than half of the respondents said that Facebook was a close second. 

Nicola Deas, practice leader of career management at Right Management, said that just having a good CV no longer cut it these days. She explained that candidates also need to have the networking nous to make sure the right people see it. 

"It's critical, particularly in this difficult job market, that job seekers have support to develop the right skills and have access to the right opportunities to find employment," she explained. "It's never been more important to learn how to effectively network with peers - online and offline - as well as being able to create a great online profile with compelling messages that will get noticed by employers and recruiters." 

However Geoff Newman from recruitment agency puts this advice into context. 

“Effective networking skills are a pre-requisite for many professionals such as accountants and lawyers. However sub-£30,000 jobs are traditionally filled via recruitment advertising. Consequently whilst networking is important, it should not be the first place to start looking for a job in every case.”

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