Surge in Recruitment for US Motor Industry

The US motor industry has experienced a surge in recruitment for skilled engineers, lending some optimism to the recovery of the national economy as a whole. 

Figures gathered by staffing-focused business intelligence company, WANTED Analytics, showed that more than 2,200 engineer jobs were posted on online recruitment portals in the last 90 days. It represented 137 per cent growth from the same period in 2010, when just 950 available positions were posted across the USA. 

The highest demand was seen in Motor City itself, with the car companies in Detroit posting nearly 200 of the new adverts. There are currently around 2,700 engineers already working in Detroit, and employers from the historic home of US car manufacturing have been broadening their search for engineers in a bid to expand the city's talent pool. 

The nearby conurbations of Grand Rapids in Michigan and Cleveland in Ohio have proven to be particularly fertile hunting grounds for finding new recruits, where competition has remained low due to skilled workers being at a premium. Employers already located in these cities will likely see open positions filled more quickly, reducing the amounts of time and money needed to spend on the process.

Geoff Newman from flat fee recruitment agency is seeing strong demand for his services in the US but lots of mixed signals.

“Unemployment is still very high and growth has recently fallen to 1.8% in May. Consequently it’s unclear whether the increased recruitment within the motor industry is relative to the rest of the wider economy. Regardless these signs are encouraging, particularly as tax rebates for motor vehicles ended last year.

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