SAS Resorts To Online Recruitment Ads For The First Time

The SAS is resorting to an active recruitment campaign for the very first time in a bid to combat falling numbers.

The British Special Forces have chosen to go down the online recruitment route, by posting an advert on a military job site. The advert is only visible to serving military personnel, however, who can log in in a specific way - as only existing servicemen and women are eligible to apply. 

Commenting on the active recruitment approach, Colonel Clive Fairweather - who was second-in-command of the SAS during the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 - said it was a major shift in the service's approach to taking on recruits, but a very necessary one. 

"The problem is they are just not getting enough recruits," he explained. "In years gone by, a lot of guys would try to get into the SAS to get more action. Now, with the campaign in Afghanistan, most people are getting more than enough action anyway. It is harder for them to come back from a tour and say to the wife that they are off to join the SAS."

An online application is perhaps the easiest part of joining the SAS, whose motto is 'Who Dares Wins'. Potential recruits will then have to endure a month of the most extreme physical training in the Welsh mountains, as well as weeks in a jungle environment and extensive training in escape, evasion and 'resistance to interrogation'.

An MoD spokesman said, "We don't comment on matters relating to Special Forces." 

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