River Island Wins Award For Online Recruitment Portal

Clothing retail chain River Island has won an award through HR Magazine for Most Innovative Use of Technology for its new online recruitment process.

Some 150,000 people were applying for jobs at the retailer each year. However, it found that it was sometimes struggling to take on enough staff because the responsibility for recruitment came down to the store managers. 

With a policy to review and reply to all candidates, the process obviously needed some attention. This was when it launched its new online recruitment portal, which dramatically helped the chain to streamline its system for taking on new staff.

The system was completely automated, leaving managers with much more time on their hands to get on with looking after their stores. Some of the portal’s more impressive features include text message reminders that are sent to candidates with interviews and online interview booking. 

The new system has reportedly saved River Island £300,000 to date and the HR department now spends no time at all dealing with recruitment administration. Best of all, it says it can now recruit 200 staff – enough to fill an entire new store – in just nine days. 

Geoff Newman, an online recruitment specialist with RecruitmentGenius.com has seen many similar successful examples of online recruitment methods. 

“Practically all companies revising their HR systems and policies are adopting more flexible and cost-effective online recruitment methods. River Island’s results are certainly exceptional with good cost-savings and reduced time-to-hire, but even smaller companies can benefit from comparative savings.

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