Resilience Now Crucial Trait In Graduate Recruitment

A new survey of graduate skills has shown that it is just as crucial – perhaps even more so – for a graduate to have a good attitude towards the recruitment process, as it is to have a good CV. 

The psychometric survey was carried out by financial services firm and major graduate recruiter, Ernst & Young, and was devised by the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology. It found that while many of the 1,000 graduates and students surveyed had excellent skills and core strength, their workplace resilience and abilities to recover from setbacks were generally lacking. 

The respondents were tested on 60 key workplace strengths during the survey. The top skills that many of the respondents showed particular strength in included problem solving, building relationships and taking pride in their work. Some of the weakest skills included resilience, taking risks, showing courage at overcoming their fears and making themselves the centre of attention.

Ernst & Young’s head of graduate recruitment, Stephen Isherwood, said that a good degree from a good university now only tells employers a fraction of what they really want to know about candidates.

“We interview over 3,000 bright graduates every year, but only about 25 per cent have the all-round skill set that we recruit for,” he said. “The candidates who end up with job offers also demonstrate determination and resilience, and are able to work hard and thrive in difficult situations.” 

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