Recruitment To Begin For New Steel Industry Hopes

The British steel industry is to experience a rare mass-recruitment drive, as workers are sought for new employees at the former Corus steel plant in Redcar. 

The plant has been taken over by Thai steel firm, Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI), and up to 1,000 new jobs are to be created with the new operations. Some 1,600 jobs were lost in February 2010 when a contract fell through with Corus and the plant had to be mothballed. 

SSI UK's chief executive, Phil Dryden, said they were very pleased to be able to offer some solid news on the new recruitment, which will begin with an online application process on August 8. 

"I realise that since SSI UK purchased the Teesside facility in March this year there has been a great interest within the Teesside community about when steel making will be resumed," he said. "There has already been a considerable amount of time and effort invested in planning the project, and I am hopeful that we can give a target date soon."

SSI bought the plant in July 2010 and has since then been working on the logistics of their operations at the plant and how they are to run it again. 

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