Recruitment Set To Boost By Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is planning “almost record levels” of recruitment, according to a new survey of 519 manufacturing firms based in the UK. 

The survey was carried out by manufacturers’ organisation EEF, in partnership with accounting firm BDO. It found that the number of manufacturing firms planning to step up their recruitment processes exceeded the number planning to reduce staff levels by a balance of +24.

However, many of the firms questioned in the survey showed concern about the ease with which they will be able to fill the positions that become available. Head of manufacturing at BDO, Tom Lawton, explained, “What we are witnessing among our client base is the willingness to recruit - but it’s often very difficult for employers to find people with the adequate skills set to fit the role.” 

EEF’s chief economist, Lee Hopley, said that despite the concern, the underlying trend is for more jobs in the sector. Online recruitment can help employers track down people with the right skills to fill specific vacancies that arise in their businesses. It is helpful, however, if employers have identified the skills their current workforce is lacking before embarking on a new stage of recruitment.

Geoff Newman from Internet recruitment agency is already recognising an increase in demand. 

“As the UK economy rebalances to become more manufacturing led it was inevitable recruitment would increase. However I don’t believe it will create significant amounts of new jobs as companies adopt better manufacturing techniques that require less staff.”

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