Recruitment Process Should Be Less 'Degree Focused'

A government-commissioned review of recruitment processes among major corporations has found that many companies are missing out on valuable recruits by filtering out candidates who fail to gain at least a 2:1 level degree. 

The review, carried out by Professor Sir Tim Wilson, the former vice-chancellor of Hertfordshire University, warned corporations not to discriminate against students based on the level of their degrees and the universities they attended. 

One of his 54 recommendations in the review – which has been delivered to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – was for greater uses of new-style graduate report cards, which consider students’ achievements across a range of areas, including extra-curricular endeavours.

Sir Tim stated that the 2:1 requirement was “not an uncommon requirement” to enter the corporate sector, but that it had flaws and “militates against a widening access agenda”. He also said that such requirements likely go against diversity agendas that are common in many leading companies.

Other recommendations made in the report to enhance recruitment opportunities included offering all full-time undergraduates the chance to carry out internships during their degrees, with unpaid placements funded by the Office for Fair Access. 

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