Recruitment Process Must Be Focused On By Work Program

A leading employment skills expert has warned the government that it must make sure that the recruitment process for the new Work Programme must be exceptionally thorough and exacting. 

Carmen Watson, from the welfare-to-work provider Pertemps, said that the only way that the programme - which officially launched today - will succeed in its aim of getting the long-term unemployed back to work, is if a very specific recruitment process matches the candidate to sustainable employment opportunities.

Watson said that, despite the optimism provided by the programme, there is still a huge and very difficult mountain to climb to make any headway in diminishing the 2.6 million long-term unemployed. 

"The Work Programme will need to engage and educate employers to a greater extent if it wants to enable sustainable employment and create a competitive market," she said. "Only when workers are placed in jobs they can keep in the long term will they become consumers on a wider basis and enable the scheme to pay for itself."

She said that efficient collaboration between all the parties involved would be key to its success, as well as the implementation of acutely tailored recruitment methods. 

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