Recruitment Fight For SEO Experts Drives Up Wages

Recruitment of senior online and digital media specialists has become so competitive that their average pay has risen by nearly 70 per cent over the last three years. 

Research carried out by technology personnel experts, ReThink, has shown that the executives that are being charged with overseeing search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) strategies are regularly commanding annual salaries of around £75,000. This has risen from an average annual wage of around £45,000 in 2008. 

The clamour for the recruitment of SEO specialists is not just limited to the upper levels of expertise, either. The industry research has also shown that workers at a more junior level have seen their average annual salaries rise from around £30,000 to more than £45,000 now. 

ReThink's Mark Geraghty said that the rise in wages reflected that companies are coming to terms with how important a good search ranking can be to their business. 

"As businesses put ever bigger budgets into their online marketing efforts this role has gone from being a relatively junior to a high status role — in some web and digital media companies this is a director's job," he explained. 

"If you are spending several million pounds a year just on pay per click then it makes perfect sense to invest in someone senior to manage that process and ensure you are getting the best return on investment." 

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