Recruiters Facing Floods Of Inappropriate Applications

Job seekers are being warned not to blithely apply for jobs that they are unsuitable for, just because online recruitment processes make the application process much easier. 

A new survey carried out by the recruitment compliance software specialists,, found that some 63 per cent of job seekers surveyed had submitted applications for roles for which they knew they were unsuitable.

Some 47 per cent of those people said that sheer desperation to get a job had led them to submit the application, while 32 per cent said that they were simply trying to “aim high” with their applications.’s Ben Stoneham said that the submission of inappropriate applications and the exaggerating of qualifications on applications was a real problem for recruiters, and that applicants should still be very discerning over what jobs they apply for. 

“We all know that some people have a tendency to stretch the truth when it comes to their CV, especially in a tougher jobs market where competition is fierce,” he said. “As a recruiter it’s one of the things you have to deal with day to day, but with the volume of candidates increasing, the problems that filtering through the fibs can cause are endless.”

Around 58 per cent of respondents admitted that they had exaggerated or fabricated parts of their CVs, including experience, qualifications and interests.

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