PwC Recruiters Field Record Number Of Applicants

Some 22,000 candidates have applied for PricewaterhouseCoopers' prestigious graduate scheme through their online recruitment system - all of them vying for just 1,200 jobs. 

The company's recruitment system was able to cope with the vast number of prospective employees putting themselves forward, but the volume of candidates competing for the jobs has given rise to fresh concerns that the job market is saturated with over-qualified graduates. 

A company spokesman said that they had received double the number of applications this year, compared with last year. 

PwC's head of student recruitment, Richard Irwin, said that the jump in numbers was likely due to students recognising the cut-throat competition of the jobs market and deciding to forego post-university gap years in favour of getting straight on the career ladder. 

"The recession and financial crisis marked a shift in attitudes towards understanding more about employability with students getting work experience earlier, rather than just relying on the degree on their CVs to get their foot in the door for a job," he said. 

"Those who start building their work experience portfolio early on have a much better chance of securing the role of their dreams, and not being left in the frustrating position of post-graduation unemployment." 

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