Publicise Your Job-Hunting Through Networking, Recruiters Advise

With the importance of online networking in terms of today’s recruitment processes being highlighted in a recent survey, research showing that many jobseekers keep their job-hunting secret is concerning.

Career management consultancy, Right Management, recently revealed that 74 per cent of the recruitment professionals felt that networking - whether online or face-to-face - was a key part of their work. 

Now, an online YouGov survey of nearly 2,000 British adults has found that one in five jobseekers keeps their job-hunting quiet, which could be limiting their chances of finding that perfect role. 

Commissioned by social career network BraveNewTalent, the study showed that 36 per cent of job-hunters aged 55 plus kept their jobseeking secret, along with seven per cent of 18 to 24 year olds. 

This was in spite of personal contacts being proven to be one of the top ways to land a new role, with 62 per cent of people recommended a job to someone they know. Out of those jobs, 57 per cent of those who went on to apply for the job managed to win it. 

Just one in ten jobseekers were found to utilise social networking to reveal their job-hunting plans, despite recent research showing that the vast majority of employers now turn to the medium to help with online recruitment. 

Geoff Newman from online recruitment company uses social media for finding job seekers. 

“Currently we have a significant following on our social media channels. I understand many would not want to broadcast they are looking for a new job and so don’t enter into a conversation with us via social media. However in a limited number of instances it has been useful for starting a dialogue.”

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