Privacy Changes To Have Major Effects On Online Recruitment

Changes to the privacy policies by major online operations such as Google and Facebook are likely to have major effects on how they can be used in the recruitment process. 

Analysis carried out by the Recruiter publication highlighted how Google’s announcement last week that it is to consolidate 70 existing privacy policies in its stable of services, will force people to re-examine the information they have registered on a number of different sites. 

Google explained that they will treat people who hold accounts on a number of its services – including YouTube, which it purchased in 2006, Google+ and Gmail – “as a single user across all our products”. The company stated that they will combine the information that users post about themselves on all their services. 

Recruiter spoke to iProfile managing director, Mark Callahan, on the matter, who said that personnel staff are likely to use visible information to shed light on staff. 

“Although these changes will increase the level of scrutiny that candidates can be subjected to, this is unlikely to come from recruiters,” he said. “It is HR managers that are far more likely to utilise this new level of visibility to gain a more detailed insight in to the candidate and what makes them tick.”

David Bashford, from Siteforum, said, “The big thing is realising that your online activity and your reputation are increasingly becoming the same thing – so whichever side of the recruitment table you’re sitting, that’s a big thing.” 

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