Paddy Power To Exceed Recruitment Expectations

An international online recruitment drive by betting company, Paddy Power, is likely to exceed all expectations as a result of a bumper financial performance, according to a spokesman. 

The company has said it will now create significantly more than the 500 Irish jobs it had initially planned to recruit for, and the number of new jobs being created in the UK and Australia are expected to rise too.

Paddy Power originally announced last November that it was looking to create 500 new jobs in Ireland, 810 in the UK and 130 in Australia by the middle of 2013. A recently-announced 14 per cent rise in the interim operating profits, however, has led to an even more optimistic outlook. 

A spokesman said that they simply needed to take on enough people to staff the expansions that the excellent figures were allowing them to undertake. 

"As our expansions gathers pace, we will need more people to service that," the spokesman said. "We have recruited more than we expected this year. We have been planning for the future. We want to get the brightest and best to help us get there."

"It is probably safe to say as our results have been pretty strong, that we will probably exceed what our expectations would have been in terms of recruitment." 

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