Online Recruitment Tools Helping To Tackle Skills Shortages

The development of a new recruitment tool has highlighted how online technologies can be crucial in matching jobseekers and employers, and plugging key skills gaps.

The Government will fully launch a new web-based recruitment tool in January, although some major manufacturing and engineering employers are already using it. It is hoped that online recruitment systems such as this will help to ensure that the talents of highly skilled workers are used to their full potential.

Key sectors where it is believed that online recruitment tools will have a particularly positive impact are manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, aerospace, engineering and construction – all of which are facing long-term skills shortages. 

A recent survey from Monster found that recruitment is rising in sectors such as engineering and construction. However, the research also found that many roles are being offered on a part-time or short-term basis, meaning that any skills gaps may not be fully addressed.

On the bright side, Michael Gentle of Monster said, “With official figures showing unemployment edging downward and employment rising by 376,000 people over the year, the UK certainly has reason to feel comforted by an expanding job market.” 

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