Online Recruitment Options Creating Generation Of 'Job Flirts'

A new report has alleged that online recruitment options are allowing increasing numbers of people to become ‘job flirts’ – exploring their potential options for new jobs on line. 

The UK Social Talent Management report, compiled by the Taleo Corporation, has found that 66 per cent of workers use online recruitment portals – including social networks – to ‘flirt’ with new options and enhance their career prospects.

The report found that passive jobs seekers are keeping a constant eye on opportunities on recruitment websites and social media. Some 39 per cent of active job seekers said that they would use social networks to find new jobs, with 21 per cent stating that they would use LinkedIn, 20 per cent planning to use Facebook and 8 per cent planning to use Twitter. 

Dave Wilkins, from Taleo Research, said that it was important for employers to tap into these habits because, “Social networking is here to stay.”

He added, “To retain top talent in the current environment, employers should leverage internal social talent practices to better engage employees and identify top performers. 

“Employers need to focus on building a strong employer brand and incorporating social media presence into their talent acquisition strategies. At the same time, companies need to do a better job in tapping into employee networks and self-identified areas of expertise without being perceived as overstepping boundaries.” 

Geoff Newman from web recruitment agency recognises this behaviour is particularly prevalent in certain sector. 

"In part this research by Taleo demonstrates the transient relationships people have with employment. Employers no longer offer a job for life and employees now recognise this, realising they must take control of their career. We've noticed a lot of activity amongst qualified accountants who seems to check their salary and career opportunities on almost a monthly basis."

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