Online Recruitment In Travel Industry Showing 'Positive Signs'

Online recruitment for jobs in travel and tourism in the UK are showing optimistic figures, according to some industry recruiters. 

The number of jobs being posted online in the first quarter of 2012 rose by 12 per cent, compared to the last quarter of 2011, according to Travel Trade Recruitment. Much of this increase was due to new sales and reservations jobs, such as call centre roles.

Travel Trade Recruitment’s Andy Cole said that the numbers show positive signs of recovery in the industry.

“Most of the employers we work with seem to be recruiting and it is steady across the board,” he told Travel Weekly. “There is no doubt that things are not as bad as they were a year ago. It’s certainly optimistic.”

Barbara Kolosinska, from C&M Recruitment, said that sales and business development jobs were available to those seeking them, particularly with online travel agencies, specialist tour operators and cruise lines. She added that the market was very much being “candidate driven”.

“Candidates are not so quick to jump at new jobs,” Kolosinska explained. “People are still concerned, even though the vacancies are there, because of unrest in the economy.” 

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