Online Learning Essential For Recruiting New Talent

Businesses looking to recruit new talent should realise the importance of online systems, according to an IT expert.

Computer systems such as e-learning are starting to play an increasingly significant role in the recruitment success of firms, says Neil Richards, European mainframe director at software provider Compuware. 

Firms looking to improve their everyday business practices and track down the hottest talent should be ensuring that they have high-performance software systems in place which will allow them flexibility and growth. 

Mr Richards told Virtual College, “Once you've quantified the problem there are only two answers - for those people staying in my business, how can I make them more productive? How can I increase the productivity of my existing mainframe today? 

“Gaps in the business must also be filled through recruiting new talent. Technology is the answer to both those things,” he added. 

Another IT expert, Tom Kuhlmann, editor of the Rapid E-learning Blog, told the news provider that online systems, such as the increasingly popular cloud computing, will play a ‘significant role’ in the online business recruitment sector over the coming year. 

As well as suggesting that businesses will be able to utilise many more options to better their performance and recruitment schemes, Mr Kuhlmann also said that social media platforms will play a large role in online recruitment across businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors. 

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