Online Jobseekers Seeking Fast And Simple Recruitment Sites

Jobseekers who are using their smartphones and tablets as their primary means of looking for jobs want fast and clear recruitment websites at their disposal, according to leading mobile recruitment strategists. 

The Strategic Guide to Mobile Recruitment report, published by product director of social recruitment network BraveNewTalent, Dave Martin, and recruitment and HR consultancy MetaShift, has outlined the four most important factors that jobseekers are after when it comes to their searches. 

Martin - who is better known by his Twitter identity, @mobile_dave - said that the key issues were very clear and, if heeded by recruiters and by candidates, could serve to further streamline the modern recruitment process. 

The four key points are simplicity of navigation, including only the core features, creating a 'finger friendly' website and having a high contrast, easily visible, accessible design.

The report's co-compiler, MetaShift founder, Matt Adler, said that mobile recruitment in one form or another has been around for a lot longer than many people realise, so experts have a had a long time to identify the pros and cons of different techniques. 

"Ten years ago I remember working with a forward thinking retailer on an SMS advertising strategy to help them with a store opening," he wrote in his foreward to the report. "The rather 'edgy' creative certainly got them noticed but perhaps not in quite the way they had envisaged when the resulting complaints from the recipients were profiled in the national tabloid press!" 

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