Online Companies Embarking On Recruitment This Year

Web-based companies are expected to take advantage of online recruitment methods in the coming year, after new research showed that six in ten of them have plans to increase their staff during that period. 

The figures were obtained by retail marketing organisation, IMRG, working with the market research firm, eDigitalResearch. The numbers also showed that the future prospects will, in fact, be a continuation of existing trends, after around 63 per cent of online companies said that they had taken on new recruits over the past year as well. 

Commenting on the results, eDigitalResearch director, Chris Russell, said that the abundance of new technology available, combined with the ever-increasing number of applications and software programmes aimed specifically at recruitment, meant that these companies would have an enormous spectrum of talent available to them when they do begin the recruitment process

"As we continue to see the popularity of smartphones and other emerging channels increase with consumers, retailers are beginning to merge and combine multiple departments and operations to create a coherent message across the board for all of their customers," he said. 

He pointed out, however, that the eventual proportion of companies that took on new recruits last year fell short of the numbers that had predicted they would when the survey was carried out last year. Some 80 per cent of companies had said that they were planning to recruit in last year's survey. 

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