Olympics To Create Thousands of IT Jobs

New figures suggest that some 5,000 IT and telecoms jobs are to be created through the 2012 Olympics in London and jobs in Kent.

According to an IT recruitment specialist, IT professionals will be needed for a diverse set of roles arising from the Olympics, including the installation of cyber security measures and providing the IT and telecoms networks for the international media coverage of the Games.

WiFi coverage will need to be extended and there is also a major initiative to extend internet access on the London Underground before the Games. Emergency service lines also need to be secured in time for the Games to kick off in August next year, which is another job for IT and telecoms specialists.

The average salary for the 5,000 jobs will be an estimated £48,562, with the jobs generating total earnings of £250 million a year.

Currently, five per cent of the UK’s workforce - which totals some 29 million people - works in the IT industry. Overall, taking into account all industries and job types, the government estimates that the Olympics will create 103,000 permanent jobs for people all over the UK.

Geoff Newman who works for flat free recruiter Recruitment Genius recognises the importance of the Olypmics. 

“Despite a £20m contract for recruitment agency Adecco, most of the jobs have been filled for free using PR and the JobCentre. Even those not directly linked to the Olympics are getting ready, such as Travellodge who are currently recruiting and upskilling their workers. With such high unemployment the Olympics could not have come at a better time.

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